• A Healthy Sausage – Is there such a thing?

  • Let's get right to it. Yes there is such a thing as a Healthy Sausage! You will find it at Greendale Butchery.

    An unbalanced diet is never recommended and is not healthy for anyone. We would never suggest that anyone could live safely on just a diet of sausages but, when you taste a Greendale Butchery sausage you can rest knowing that it is free of all the additives and chemicals that cause so many health problems today.

    Our sausages are branded under the name The Naked Banger for good reason - they are just sausage meat obtained from clean green New Zealand sources and without any additives or chemicals. They are just good and naked! We like to consider them as a gourmet sausage.

    Choice magazine recently did an article on what's in a sausage and how to pick a good one. This is an article worth reading if you are interested in knowing how to select a great sausage!