• What is Chorizo Sausage?

  • Chorizo Sausage has become popular over the last few years with the rise in interest in Mediterranean foods. Chorizo is a coarse pork, sausage often smoked and spiced with paprika and has been popularised as a Spanish tapas menu item. The Portugese also lay claim to the original Chorizo, which they know as chouriço

    Originating from Spain but now widely available, it is especially popular in Mexico where it is flavoured with Chilis. No one really knows what the name Chorizo means but the main character of true Chorizo is that it is hot and spicy. A sausage for adult tastes, it is often added to bean dishes in both Spanish and Mexican cuisine.

    Greendale Butchery makes their own version of this popular sausage and believe it will be a top seller for Kiwis who like spicy food.